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Who Am I?

November 8, 2018 Stories 0

(an original unedited poem from one of our moms)

What defines me? Is it love, strength, friends, or courage?

Who defines me? Is it my past, my fault, mistakes, or misgivings? Well, good and bad all define who I am!

Do I have any control in my life? The things pertaining to myself, I do, not the people or things around me, but one can make an impact on another, By that they want to change.

Where’s the light in my darkness? It glimmers and flickers here and there. Where can I find it? The light that was brought into my darkness has a name!

It’s there you just have to open and look. Not knowing where to go, having no one see you, can you blame them?, How can they?, when you’ve hidden behind masks.

Can trust be given to those I don’t know?, called having faith and putting it forth but the unknown is daunting…, “It is ok. I am with you” one says, who are you? And how do you know?

Who am I? Funny, intelligent, spunky, quirky?, can one be both side of the same coin?, Where one hits the light?, the other in the dark?.

Who I am the stepping stones of my broken and mended for the better, for one, my son the name of my light in my darkness.


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