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Welcome Joanna to The Anchor House

May 22, 2018 Stories 0

Joanna grew up with an alcoholic father (who died of liver disease when she was just 11) and an abusive mother. Things were tough and she followed in her mother’s footsteps by choosing a man that had substance abuse problems. Joanna first got pregnant at 19. Fast forward 21 years and Joanna is a mother of 5 (her oldest two are out living on their own), she’s divorced, has a sporadic work history and horrible credit (because she married an addict). She has the drive to be better but things are hard for a single mother of 5. She can’t get an apartment because of her credit history and when she starts working she actually makes less money because she loses her government benefits. Joanna wants to be independent but she needs support. She needs a year of working to get a job that pays well so that she can pay her bills and make it work without government benefits. She took the risk and moved her family into the Anchor House.

Her children are smart, on honor roll and super athletic. Her goal is to be a good, stable mother and overcome her past so that her children live healthy and happy lives. For Joanna, the cycles of poverty and abuse end here. Welcome Joanna to the the Anchor House.

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