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A safe, supportive home for single moms & their kids to receive hope & healing

About The Anchor House

The Anchor House serves homeless single mothers, and their children, in need of a loving and supportive community. We provide assistance and training to pregnant and single mothers so they may develop the appropriate skills necessary to recover from poverty, homelessness, and difficult circumstances in order to keep their family together. To accomplish this, each woman dedicates herself to a personalized, goal-setting program designed specifically for her family to become self-sufficient. We focus on homeless families who are at risk of losing their children to the foster care system.

2017 Impact at the Anchor House:

• 10 single moms and 21 children served
• 4 families moved into their own apartment after completing the Anchor House program
• Every mom started a new job or college while at the Anchor House
• 125 counseling sessions were held at the Anchor House this year
• 2 women had DCS cases closed during their time at the Anchor House

Meet Our House Manager

If you would like more information or be considered as a family please email info@anchorhouse.org or call 602.466.3852

The Program

A safe and supportive place for single mom’s and their children to receive healing and restoration.

The Anchor House serves single moms in need of a loving and supportive community. The Anchor House provides support and assistance to single mothers to help develop the appropriate skills to recover from poverty, homelessness, and difficult circumstances. Each mom has a personalized goal-setting program designed for her family to become self- sufficient and break out of the cycle of poverty. Women must be pregnant or have at least 1 child in their custody (under age of 7) and can stay for up to 1 year.

Family Eligibility Requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Free from drugs/alcohol abuse for 90 days
  • Women must be pregnant and/or have at least one child in custody
  • Be willing to have 40 hours a week of productive activity (e.g., job searching, GED classes, life skills classes)
  • Be willing to be held accountable to the rules, reaching your goals and random drug test

To assist our moms in overcoming their obstacles and meeting their goals, The Anchor House provides the following resources to our moms at no charge:

  • A nurturing and stable home environment and nutritious food
  • Maternity and infant supplies
  • Weekly mentoring and Christ centered discipleship
  • Bus passes and assistance with transportation
  • Support, encouragement, and accountability by full-time, live-in house parents
  • A savings and budgeting program
  • Life skills courses on topics such as childbirth, healthy nutrition, jobs training, budgeting, communication, and child rearing
  • Referrals to community agencies/programs including Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, parenting classes, adoption counseling, job training, and low-cost housing
  • Access to education programs including high school equivalency, community colleges, and vocational training through referrals and a scholarship program
  • Knowledge of the state programs including health insurance, day care subsidies, food stamps, child support, and cash assistance
  • Modeling of healthy life styles including nutrition, wellness and emotional well-being
  • Informal modeling of healthy family life including conflict resolution, facilitating decisions for the common good, upholding expectations and consequences as needed, and celebrating goals achieved

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